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Libra Sun + Moon Combinations

The sign of Libra is the 7th in the zodiac roster. Libra is described as being friendly, harmonious, polite, and romantic among other things. As a sun sign, the Libra characteristics may be modified or obscured by the traits of the moon sign. Here is a look at each Libra sun-moon sign combination showing how the Libra personality may vary across each. If you don’t know your moon sign, you can find it here using this free natal chart calculator and generate a full birth chart replete with all planetary positions.


Libra Sun Aquarius Moon

The Libra sun Aquarius moon combination suggests a Libra that may seem a little odd or unusual in their thinking. They are very individualistic and self-determined and so they embrace a strong sense of independence and self-sufficiency. They want to be their own person and do not like being controlled or dictated to in any capacity. They are likely to be very clever and inventive and they prefer to go off the beaten path to carve out a destiny of their own design.

The Libra sun Aquarius moon male or female is poised to become an iconoclast of sorts that is prone towards setting new precedents that others dare not attempt. Although they like people, they may sometimes find it difficult to relate or may often feel misunderstood or underappreciated by others. They want to be true to themselves and sometimes their perspectives may go against that of the majority but they are generally courageous enough to handle the heat that comes their way. They are champions of individuality and when their integrity is being challenged or threatened they will defend themselves accordingly.

The Libra sun Aquarius moon personality may experience some difficulty in letting down their guards and allowing themselves to be vulnerable, even in their relationships. Although they can be quite romantic when they want to be, it can be difficult to reconcile some of their inherent insecurities surrounding the sappy maudlin displays of affection. They are actually quite sensitive and they feel the need to build up an adequate defense system to protect themselves against all threats even to the extent of appearing paranoid.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Celebrities

  • Nolwenn Leroy – Born: September 28, 1982
  • John Lennon – Born: October 9, 1940
  • Eminem – Born: October 17, 1972
  • Lil Wayne – Born: September 27, 1982
  • Viggo Mortensen – Born: October 20, 1958
  • Stephen Arroyo – Born: October 6, 1946
  • Jean-Jacques Goldman – Born: October 11, 1951
  • Jenna Elfman – Born: September 30, 1971
  • Candice Swanepoel – Born: October 20, 1988
  • Ashlee Simpson – Born: October 3, 1984
  • Michel Foucault – Born: October 15, 1926
  • Robert Bresson – Born: September 25, 1901
  • Patrick Fiori – Born: September 23, 1969
  • Timothy Leary – Born:    October 22, 1920
  • John Edward – Born: October 19, 1969
  • Lena Katina – Born: October 4, 1984
  • André Rieu – Born: October 1, 1949
  • Seann William Scott – Born: October 3, 1976
  • Arthur Miller – Born: October 17, 1915
  • Chevy Chase – Born: October 8, 1943
  • Mickey Rooney – Born: September 23, 1920

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