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Personal Growth For Each Myers Briggs Personality Type

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“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.”
- Carl Jung

You have only one life to live and what you get out of it largely depends on your ability to grow and develop as a person. Each of us has a unique story and life path to follow and along the way will come challenges that reveal our strengths and expose our weaknesses. Using the MBTI, we can learn to recognize aspects of our personality that are underdeveloped and then work to improve them. Recognizing your cognitive weak points is the first step in fortifying them but you can also take some solace knowing that other people with your MBTI type share your struggle. Here is a look at some of the areas in which each MBTI personality type can focus on improving to be the best they can be.

ENFJ Personal Growth

Some ENFJs have difficulty understanding that you cannot always satisfy everyone and making good choices often involves careful analysis and choosing well between competing interests. They may feel a sense of guilt about focusing on their own needs and tend to dismiss personal priorities as selfish and instead focus too much on obligations in the external world. ENFJs need to remember to take enough time to focus on themselves and their psychological well-being and appreciate the value of solitary activities such as studying, writing, or various arts.

ENFJs should focus on using Ti consciously

to present ideas or concepts in systematic order and to build confidence by accumulating useful knowledge. When unsure of themselves, ENFJs should seek out advice or feedback, but consider it with an open mind and analyze the information for themselves. Reflect on mistakes/problems and confront the real causes no matter how uncomfortable and when feeling underappreciated or taken for granted, they should find ways to express those feelings constructively rather than allowing them to fester into some destructive form.

ENFJs can appear overbearing

in coercing people to adhere to social rules/values and need to recognize that social values can be restrictive and force people into unnecessary conformity. They should reflect on how their relentless need to focus on relationships at the expense of other important areas of life affects their lives and the people around them. They can develop their use of Ti by envisioning, recalling, or experiencing real-life scenarios where Ti is more capable or effective than Fe at handling reality. This will help them learn to consciously and comfortably choose the most adaptive behaviors.

Tips for ENFJ Growth

  1. When confronted by a person or situation which seems to be rejecting or rebuffing your value judgements and your mind filling with all the arguments, images and alternatives to the situation, look closely at those you are immediately rejecting as negative or unsuitable ways to proceed. Within these images often lie paths to understanding and agreement if you look more closely. Some of these images hold the key to seeing another’s feelings and point of view more clearly. Remember, what seems positive to you may not be everything or even important to another.

  2. Behind everything of value that you see lies much potential. Try not to be satisfied with just a good result, but let yourself imagine the ways in which a person might fulfil all their creative aspects; the ways in which a situation might become useful to many more than just what it was made for. Try to imagine everything as a source of untapped magic and creative power – let your mind see all the things it might become. Above all, apply this exercise to yourself, as if you were seeing yourself in a mirror: just as you would another person whom you love.

  3. When you are alone try to become fully aware of how it feels to you, try to recognise the emptiness as a place of potential, try to imagine what you might be able to do for others in this empty time, try to realise that you are not truly alone but with this special person who is yourself. What would you do for this person if you could make their private world a better place?

  4. Everything wonderful in life proceeds from the qualities which lie behind it. You can feel these things, these drives and attitudes which seem to come from a place outside, perhaps from the creator expressing himself within people and nature. Letting the sense of these background qualities permeate your drive to life will give you purpose and meaning. Allow yourself to feel the meanings and purposes of the world, let them become a valuable gift which can be expressed in your dealings with others and in the things you strive for.


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