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INTJ Relationships (With Each Myers Briggs Type)

INTJ INFJ Compatibility

The INTJ and INFJ are very compatible and their relationship has the potential for a solid partnership built on similar perspectives and attitudes. INTJs share INFJs interest in connecting the dots with a focus on the underlying significance of things. But where the INFJ is fixated with the personal (Fe), the INTJ attends to the impersonal (Te). This dynamic is likely to be beneficial in a complementary way with each side compensating for areas in which the other lacks. INFJ in particular can provide some of the warmth and affection that INTJs appreciate but have trouble expressing.

INTJ and INFJ essentially understand one another and they speak a similar language. They have a vision of the future and they spend quality time together ruminating on the meaning of things and what they may represent for the big picture. INFJs are often very concerned with society at large and various social issues and they may become anxious over what they hear in the news. They pick up on the trends and patterns and become either depressed or encouraged by what it indicates to them. INTJs share a similar concern and they both have ideas about the way things ought to be in the world but unfortunately are not. This however, is what motivates them to go out and make an impact and they both work hard towards this end and they likely will be very sympathetic and supportive of one another’s crusades. These two will love cloistering themselves off from the rest of the world much of the time where they can just be introverts together.

INTJ INFJ Relationship Problems

The INFJ being sensitive to criticism and judgment may find the INTJ’s blunt opinions off-putting at times. INTJ persons do not necessarily regard much of what they say or think as being offensive but as simply being true insofar as they can discern it to be. INFJs may not always appreciate this brutal candor and the INTJ may need to soften the hard edges in how they communicate with the INFJ sometimes. Sometimes, the relationship can run cold and the INFJ may view the INTJ as too ‘unfeeling’ and emotionally distant.

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      Honestly, being an INTJ is just sad. Especially if you fall “in love” with an ENFP. Because ENFPs are amazing and cuddly. But sometimes they just disappear without telling you and you don’t know what you did wrong(when really you didn’t do anything wrong). They just need to be social.

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