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INTJ Relationships (With Each Myers Briggs Type)

INTJ INTP Compatibility

As a romantic partner and friend, the INTP provides the intellectualism and mental stimulation that INTJs value. In a relationship, these two will likely get on very well because of their mutual respect for one another’s space as well as their independent interests which will likely become a source of fascination in one another. Both types are low maintenance and like most rationals, gift giving and materialistic displays of love are not as important or necessary to them. Quality time and engaging conversation are what really count but useful gifts centered around their personal interests are appreciated as well.

The INTJ-INTP relationship is likely to be built on a foundation of camaraderie and understanding for one another. Their sense of humor is likely to be similar (and dark) and they may take refuge in each other’s contempt of society. INTP and INTJ both prefer clarity and direct communication and are able to convey what they want in no uncertain terms. They will not expect each other to be mind readers which is good because INTP in particular have been shown to rate the highest in “obliviousness” in relationship studies.

Because of their lesser-developed feeling functions, the INTJ and INTP may be somewhat awkward about intimacy. These two may both be what you might consider sapiosexuals and may be just as interested in the mental connection they share as the physical one. INTJ can provide some of the structure that INTPs tend to lack in their lives. Alternately, the INTP can help spawn new promising ideas for the INTJ to follow through on and develop. They may not see eye to eye on everything but when they disagree, it generally resolves without any hard feelings or turns into a humorous situation that ends in laughter.

INTJ INTP Relationship Problems

Both the INTP and INTJ are strongly independent and they are less emotionally needy and reliant than other types. Because they don’t need as much interaction, these two can get lost in their own separate worlds and find themselves gradually growing apart without realizing it. They may need to remember to nurture their relationship and make an effort to spend quality time and do things they can enjoy as a team. INTJ and INTP are some of the most argumentative personality types and they may need to curb some their intellectual pugnacity for the sake of peace and diplomacy.

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      Honestly, being an INTJ is just sad. Especially if you fall “in love” with an ENFP. Because ENFPs are amazing and cuddly. But sometimes they just disappear without telling you and you don’t know what you did wrong(when really you didn’t do anything wrong). They just need to be social.

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