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article INTJ Myers Briggs Relationships

INTJ Relationships (With Each Myers Briggs Type)

INTJ ESTP Compatibility

The INTJ and ESTP relationship can be another case of opposites attract. Unfortunately, alot of what draws them together is also what makes it hard for them to truly connect. The INTJ’s strength for long range thinking and planning is also the ESTP’s weakness. But it’s the ESTP’s in-the-moment seize the day mentality that likely intrigues the INTJ. Through the ESTP, the INTJ can access or experience a way of life they aren’t really in touch with but can appreciate vicariously. INTJ admires the ESTP’s vitality and confidence and being in a relationship with them can be an adventure and sometimes exhausting.

ESTP types like to be out and about, but when they are home they like to veg out on movies and TV. They want good food and lots of sexy time. So an INTJ better be prepared to put out because ESTP’s are not known for their patience. INTJ is not liable to get much in the way of stimulating intellectual discussion from the ESTP, but what they do get is probably amusing no less. Even if this relationship is able to survive, it is likely these two will spend a lot of time separately doing the things that interest them individually.

INTJ ESTP Relationship Problems

Since ESTPs are independent and relatively low maintenance, they may be okay with the INTJ’s introverted style. Neither type is emotionally needy and this may be what allows them to be sufficient for each other. They are practical and the INTJ loves the ESTP’s effectiveness and ability to get things done expediently. The INTJ however can provide valuable counsel to the ESTP helping them plan for the future and to foresee many potential pitfalls they may normally overlook.

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      Honestly, being an INTJ is just sad. Especially if you fall “in love” with an ENFP. Because ENFPs are amazing and cuddly. But sometimes they just disappear without telling you and you don’t know what you did wrong(when really you didn’t do anything wrong). They just need to be social.

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