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article INTJ Myers Briggs Relationships

INTJ Relationships (With Each Myers Briggs Type)

INTJ ISTP Compatibility

INTJ and ISTP have the potential to form a satisfying and lasting relationship. The ISTP is very hands on and skilled in physical skill work which may be of benefit to an INTJ. ISTPs take pride in their skill or craft as well as their personal collections. Being sensing types, the ISTP is less inclined toward abstract theories and more toward understanding how physical or tangible things actually operate. The INTJ and ISTP each live in their own very different  independent worlds. Their passions take them into very different directions, but their values and sense of humour may be quite similar or complementary at least.

Both types are very forward and direct and they also share an uneasiness with affection and feelings. The ISTP is generous and they like to share what they love with other people especially their loved ones. They have a capacity to be cordial and accommodating to their partner. ISTPs can be just as intense about planning as INTJ,ISTJ and INFJ. The difference is that where ITJs may be prone to writing down their plans (Te), ISTPs keep them organized in their heads (Ti) and find it unnecessary to write down.

INTJ ISTP Relationship Problems

The sensing/intuitive disparity of the INTJ and ISTJ will likely contribute to some communication difficulties in this relationship. The ISTP is more tactile and may not be as interested in verbal repartee and ethereal ideations such as what an INTJ would be interested in. Both types can be rather blunt and abrasive but fortunately neither type is very thin skinned and they can take objective criticism so long as it is valid.

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      Honestly, being an INTJ is just sad. Especially if you fall “in love” with an ENFP. Because ENFPs are amazing and cuddly. But sometimes they just disappear without telling you and you don’t know what you did wrong(when really you didn’t do anything wrong). They just need to be social.

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