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12 Shades of INFJ | Zodiac Signs and the MBTI

INFJ and Zodiac

Everyone has a zodiac sign and you likely knew what yours was long before you ever discovered the Myers Briggs. Some people don’t completely identify with their star sign personality traits but everybody is generally on board with the descriptions about their MBTI type. You can check out this poll surveying people’s zodiac signs and MBTI types. This is understandable since your zodiac sign is determined by your date of birth (something you had no control over) whereas your Myers Briggs type is determined by your self-determined preferences. There is little to no science supporting a cosmic influence on one’s personality except for a few studies showing that people with certain mental disorders such as schizophrenia tend to be born in winter months (especially February). Personally, I don’t take astrology seriously but I do take an interest in it. I’ve noticed that there are many MBTI snobs who are staunchly against it and there are some “astrology people” who similarly view the MBTI as bogus and flawed. I imagine that most people fall somewhere in the middle with an interest in one and a mild indifference for the other. For the INFJ types out there, here are interpretations of 12 different versions of the INFJ personality based on the 12 zodiac star signs.


INFJ SAGITTARIUS – A sagittarian INFJ is liable to be curious with a philosophical bend. They may be especially bright and fond of learning and are likely to pursue higher education. An INFJ sagittarius would possess a rather upbeat, positive temperament with a humorous wit. They love freedom and travelling and connecting with people from different walks of life. They have an open mind and mouth that is sometimes a little too blunt. This INFJ is very imaginative and will enjoy interpreting the subliminal meanings behind the symbols and imagery propagated in mainstream culture. They have a desire to uncover secrets and connect hidden dots that form the bigger picture that most people cannot see. They seek to illuminate and share their insights with others through teaching taking on an instructive role such as a guru or counselor. Even if they don’t get out much, a sagittarius INFJ likely satisfies their thirst for adventure by immersing themselves in books and movies.

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    2. Cat Rehbock

      INFJ Aries here…upon checking my natal chart, I have a Cancer ascendant (Mars in Cancer, too) with a Libra moon. Basically, I’m a walking contradiction. I’m ambitious but cautious. I have lots to say but keep to myself. I mostly act based on intuition more so than instinct. I rather stay home than go on an adventure, although the idea seems nice. I’m highly creative, especially with music and writing. I feel everything, and I’m so hard on myself because of high expectations of myself. I often worry about making others happy rather than myself. Im often misunderstood in more ways than one. I’m such a perfectionist…In social settings, I prefer one-on-one rather than a group. I hate small talk. I don’t like to be rushed. I only get mad when provoked (a rare sighting of an Aries that can control their temper)…yeah, I would like to think I’m a rare gem considering my type and sign combination.

      I’m a little hurt there’s not much information regarding this combination because it is so conflicting. Take what you will with my comment. I doubt anyone will respond…

      1. Nora Qu

        I am an Aries INFJ with a Taurus Moon and Cancer Rising. Taurus baring some similarity to Libra as they both share Venus as a planetary ruler. I definitely feel like a contradiction of a person due to the diversity in my chart. The lazy perfectionism of Aries and stubbornly loving traits of a Taurus, and the emotional and ambitious Cancer. It’s a lot t handle in one personality sometimes.

    3. Avelina

      Cat, I’m also an INFJ Aries with a Libra moon. I can relate to most of your comment. I believe that my experiences as a child have guided me to the personality type of INFJ. Aries+INFJ? just another INFJ paradox! 🙂

    4. Chayla

      I’m an INFJ Pisces, Moon in Aries and Rising in Scorpio. So i kinda think my signs are built to be an infj, i swear that if i wasn’t Aries moon i’d be less extraverted and be a full introvert instead of an ambivert.

    5. Ava

      This article is pretty interesting…i m an INFJ with sagittarius sun and Scorpio moon…and it was so true about the scorpio infj…?

    6. Ava

      INFJ/Scorpio. Everything that was said was spot on and i’m really glad i’m not the only one out here in this mysterious galaxy. 🙂

    7. Ava

      I’m an INFJ/Scorpio. After reading this article, i finally feel understood. It feels good to be not so alone in this very alone galaxy we live in.

    8. Marianne

      Im a Cancer sun sign with Pisces Moon sign. Both are water signs and Pisces ruled by neptune. I have a personal planet venus aspecting neptune the planet of spirituality and sensitivity. I am an INFJ. Reading my natal chart is about the same as reading the description of an INFJ. Highly sensitive people can be seen in Astrology. I believe we are born our personality type.

    9. Riley

      I am a INFJ Sagittarius, and I feel that most of what was said was true. The only thing that isn’t that true about me is the optimism. I usually am fairly negative and expect the worse naturally, and I hope that I’m not he only one who feels this way. Sometimes I feel like I’m half Sagittarius and half Cancer, because I feel very deeply and am a pretty sensitive person.

    10. Shannon Remanda

      We are twinsies Girl! I have the exact same as you! Cancer ASC, Aries Sun, Libra moon. Very rare from what I’ve read. I’m INFJ too!

    11. Jae

      This is for Cat – I too am a walking contradiction
      Aries sun sign with a Libra rising sign and a cancer moon sign….. I have wishy washy thoughts and feelings alot !!

    12. Mone D

      Wow, I’m a INFJ Sagittarius. I never met another INFJ. I understand you completely. Its very cool knowing someone else is experiencing the same thing. I,also, feel everything, so much so it’s overwhelming. It’s like I know people better than they know themselves, especially my family.

    13. V

      I’m a INFJ Aries. I have never related to Aries, but I do have Aquarius rising and I relate to my rising so much more! I have felt different my whole life and does not like trends, but I do not dress weird or anything.

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