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How Each Myers Briggs Type Reacts To Conflict

riddled with conflict
by collien


While ISFPs typically dislike conflict, they are often not in a rush to reach closure as they appreciate the time needed to listen to everyone.  They have difficulty with others offering a logical analysis that appears to overlook the possible negative impact on others.  For FPs, conflict issues tend to involve something they are passionate about, be it a value or people who are important to them. The amount of time ISFPs spend exploring people’s concerns can be frustrating for TJs, whom they perceive as impatient to move on. Their intention is to have everyone’s opinions, feelings, and values respected. Including others is often more important than the issue.  You are naturally sensitive to any conflict around you. Success for you is achieved when you or others create a safe environment to allow an exploration of all viewpoints.

  • Likely cause of conflict: Challenges to values
  • Desired outcome: Respectful listening
  • Deal with emotions by: Accepting them
  • Others’ impression: Someone who includes others’ values and concerns
  • Satisfied when: There is open exploration



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