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How Each Myers Briggs Type Reacts To Conflict

riddled with conflict
by collien


Most ENTJs believe they are right and may be stubborn when confronting an alternate point of view. All will want a quick resolution, but don’t brush aside important matters solely to move on. Keep in mind that your objectivity will allow all to find a way out of a conflict but may not limit its underlying emotional impact. Encourage everyone to give time to listen to each viewpoint. Don’t interpret succinct responses as being abrupt or disrespectful. Remember that it will be difficult to create an environment in which it is safe to express emotions. ENTJs believe that once a conflict is over, it’s over, so don’t miss opportunities to say what you need to say.

  • Likely cause of conflict: Challenges to authority
  • Desired outcome: Closure or resolution
  • Deal with emotions by: Denying they exist
  • Others’ impression: Detached or aggressive adversary
  • Satisfied when: Conflict is over



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