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How Each Myers Briggs Type Reacts To Conflict

riddled with conflict
by collien


’ENTP’s tolerance of conflict situations is higher than that of most people, don’t be surprised if they see conflict as a challenge or as healthy. They are likely to be viewed in conflict as being critical and prepared to question anything relating to the conflict or the people involved. Others typically see them as being comfortable playing the role of devil’s advocate or championing the underdog. For TPs, conflict tends to arise around issues of trust and personal credibility. Instances that challenge these concepts tend to be at the core of their conflicts. When involved in a conflict, they are driven to find a way to navigate through the issues.

  • Likely cause of conflict: Challenges to trust
  • Desired outcome: Defined process or progression
  • Deal with emotions by: Excluding them
  • Others’ impression: Catalyst of or contributor to conflict
  • Satisfied when: The outcome can subsequently be analyzed



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