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Astrologers Predict What Will Happen in Post-Brexit UK | Broadly

Nobody could have predicted these last few crazy weeks in British politics—and no one knows what the future holds. Except astrologers, obviously.

Source: Astrologers Predict What Will Happen in Post-Brexit UK, Since No One Else Can | Broadly

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    1. Andries H. Cats

      Horoscope Theresa May.

      Progressive aspects.

      4-March-2019 029°,32’58 Scorpio Moon 90 Plu
      17-March-2019 000°,00’00 Sagittarius Moon Nw
      22-March-2019 002°,32’48 Scorpio C–2 * PRINCEPS (MERC – SAT )
      30-March-2019 000°,27’20 Sagittarius Moon 90 mutual Plu
      31-March-2019 009°,22’33 Sagittarius Sun 60 C—3

      29-March-2019 +20°,50’10 Mars // C-12
      29-March-2019 029°,07’08 Taurus Mars 180 Sat
      30-March-2019 029°,32’58 Taurus Mars 90 Plu
      30-March-2019 006°,32’24 Aquarius Moon 0 Chiron
      30-March-2019 001°,13’14 Taurus Ura 90 AR12 (arabic part)

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