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Cardinal fire and cardinal water when paired, create a dynamic that fundamentally cancels out one another. Water douses out fire and fire boils water. The chemistry between these two, if any, is liable to be challenging and turbulent. The redeeming aspects may lie in the shared principles of the the cardinal modality. Aries and cancer both possess enterprising and industrious natures but applied in characteristically different ways. Aries directs their initiating energies towards things that excite them whereas Cancer focuses theirs towards the development of security. Long term planning is not one of the impulsive Aries’ strong suits, and they are not apt to stick with any investment that does not yield results quickly enough.  Alternately, Cancer is more prudential and cautious. Cancer does not rush into things headlong, but rather tests the water first, gauging the amount of risk and drawing up plans to maximize their chances of success.  These differences may represent areas for which these two signs can compliment and compensate in one another.  It may also represent points of contention that could ultimately cause their relationship to unravel and burn out.

Security-conscious Cancer enjoys feeling protected by Aries’ strength and being the object of their passionate affections. Aries’ boldness and earnest candor disarms Cancer’s guarded nature and the challenge of cracking Cancer’s emotional shell appeals to Aries’ taste for cat and mouse games. They like it when other’s play hard-to-get. The prize of conquest and the reward of triumph is highly motivating and they need a partner who can challenge them and keep them interested. Cancer may become exasperated with Aries’ capricious impulses and unpredictable risk-taking. Although Cancer’s tentativeness can slow Aries’ vigorous charge to a crawl, Aries would do well to learn the value of patience and temperance. Cancer can provide Aries a strong support system that will be there to pick up the pieces when Aries fails, or when their confidence is damaged. But Aries, at their best, can be counted on to keep things exciting and to rise to the occasion and fight courageously for the couple’s best interests.


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