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Aries and Aries Love Match

“4” by Grinch7

The Competitive Couple

Cardinal fire with cardinal fire. The flame sparked by this pair burns bright and hot in the hearth of their charming log cabin in the woods. But when things get out of control then that fire will likely burn the house down and the entire forest along with it. Aries is not a submissive sign but one preferring instead to be holding the reins, be it in their career or relationships. Even if they are not calling the shots, they still don’t allow anyone to control them or change their fiercely independent natures. If these two egomaniacs can avoid trying to submit the other to their will then the passionate attraction they share may flourish into a dynamic and exciting romance.

The relationship may be challenging and tumultuous punctuated by some spectacular arguments. On the other hand, Aries enjoys challenges and the process of trying to gain the upper hand in the relationship may be a source of amusement for them much like a game. The mutual competitiveness of this pair turns everything into a contest for conquest or an opportunity to upstage the other. Who can work the hardest? Who is the most popular? Who gets the most attention from the opposite sex? Making the partner feel jealous is a low brow tactic for stimulating interest, and gaining attention and psychological leverage. Aries sometimes resorts to this because superlatives are what they use justify their self value and in part, fuels their drive and ambition. An imbalance or inadequacy felt by an Aries may threaten their sense of security and arouse their destructive jealous side so engaging in this can backfire in a big way.

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