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9 Signs You Or Someone You know Is An Introverted Narcissist

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1.  The Superior Snowflake

Introverts are often aloof and reserved. To some this can be interpreted as a sign of conceit or high-mindedness when in most cases this simply is not true – unless they are a narcissist in which case such an interpretation would be spot on. The introverted narcissist does indeed put others at a distance, viewing themselves in a very different light and it is something like a limelight.

These types will self indulge in their own sense of individuality, overestimating themselves in the service of bolstering their delusional self-image. They will harp about how special they are or imply it through their proud antinomian attitude and contempt for the mainstream. They may take many opportunities to humble brag about their achievements and often describe themselves in terms of being “gifted” or “genius”.

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Two Faces of Narcisssism


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