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The Most Horrible People in History of Each Zodiac Sign

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horrible historial figures of each zodiac sign

Our world has seen tragedy come in many different forms: from wars and genocides to riots, killing sprees, famines, serial killers, etc. Unfortunately, throughout history some criminal minds got so corrupted that they advocated crime to levels we can’t even fathom, causing wreaked havoc on humanity and redefining the meaning of word evil.

It is no secret that evil comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes, but apparently, it comes in every horoscope sign as well! Although the FBI shook us with the revelation that most criminals are Cancers, if we speak on a global scale, other horoscope signs like Sagittarius, Taurus, and Aries are here to actually write entire novels on dictatorship and mass destruction.

And if we add finance, mafia and money laundering to this equation, then Capricorns get their five minutes of glory. Scorpios lead in using their charm to create a fertile ground for cults, and Leo’s and Pisces are here to show us how evil, intoxicating and delirious feeding off people’s emotions and admiration can become. If you wonder what horoscope sign were some of the most horrible people in the world, then keep on reading: Continue reading

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