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Venus in Aries: Natal, Transit & Compatibility

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Natal Venus in Aries

Having Venus, the planet of love in Mars-ruled Aries in a natal chart will make the native as excited and energetic as a newborn baby when in love. Always wanting to keep things fresh, interesting and passionate, Venus in Aries will always ensure there is a spark between them and their lover even when in a long term love affair. Boring, dull and lifeless romance does not do it for them, and they need the flame inside them to be constantly fueled and fanned. Being a Cardinal sign, when bored in a relationship and they have tried everything they can to ignite the fire but to no avail, they will quickly move on to something more exciting. These people want to experience the excitement of life through love, and if their lover does not give them their thrills, they will quickly lose interest. Continue reading

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