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ENTJ Myers Briggs

12 Shades of ENTJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

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12 shades of entj

ENTJ and Astrology Signs

The ENTJ MBTI personality is a type that David Keirsey dubbed as the “Fieldmarshal”. These individuals are noted for their forceful and decisive pragmatism and skeptical nature and also the efficiency with which they coordinate and strategize. They form less than 2% of the population yet statistically earn the most money of all the 16 MBTI types. ENTJs tend to find themselves in positions of leadership and examples of such ENTJ leaders include General Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower. However, not all ENTJs will ascend to such positions and many may not even be interested in the military. No two ENTJs are completely alike and so here is a look at how we’d expect the ENTJ personality to vary based on Zodiac sign.

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