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ESFJ Myers Briggs

12 Shades of ESFJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

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12 shades of esfj

ESFJ and the Zodiac

The ESFJ personality has been dubbed as the “Logistical Provider” by David Keirsey in his book “Please Understand Me II”. As such, the ESFJ personality is noted for their desire to nurture and make provisions for the people around them. They work to make people feel welcome and valued and strive to create a harmonious and comfortable environment within which people can thrive and feel safe. Cultivating team cohesion is their strength although sometimes their efforts can backfire. Like all MBTI personalities, there is a lot of variation among those who share this type. No two ESFJs are completely alike and it could be that zodiac sign might contribute to some of the nuances between them. Here is an assessment of how each ESFJ may differ based on astrology sign. Continue reading

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