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ESTJ Myers Briggs

12 Shades of ESTJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

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12 shades of estj

ESTJ and the Zodiac

The ESTJ has been dubbed the “logistical supervisor” by David Keirsey and as such, the ESTJ is typified by their executive prowess and ability to organize and manage systems and groups on an impersonal and factual basis. However, much like the rest of the MBTI types, if you were to take a handful of ESTJs from the population you would no doubt find that there is a considerable amount of variation amongst them. The MBTI doesn’t account for all aspects of personality and even the degree to which you qualify as a given MBTI type will vary compared with others sharing the same type. Might astrology contribute to this? Who knows, but here is a speculative assessment of how each ESTJ may differ based on zodiac sign. Continue reading

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