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The Worst Insults For Each Myers-Briggs Type

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What we take offense to is invariably linked to what we value most in ourselves and the people and things that are linked to us. The most insulting insults are the ones that directly clash with what we accept as part of our ego identity. Here are the worst insults each of the 16 MBTI types is likely to take offense to.


Insulting an INFJ is not hard because they are pretty sensitive to criticism. They however may take special exception with insults about their character, sense of integrity and the quality or value of advice they give. INFJs hate being accused of being evil or malevolent since they tend to view themselves as someone who has humanity’s best interests in mind. Rejecting their advice, minimizing their feelings (like telling them to “get over it” or toughen up) and mistaking their kindness for weakness are all offenses likely to hit INFJ the hardest.

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