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How Each Myers-Briggs Type Reacts To Authority

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When it comes to authority, people seek to either comply, defy or obtain it. When authoritative power is exercised properly it’s beneficial but when abused, it becomes oppressive. And regardless of how you feel about authority, nobody likes having it shoved down their throat. Here is a look at how you likely react to authority based on Myers-Briggs type.


INFJ respects authority and falls in compliance so long as they do not feel coerced or disrespected by it. INFJs can appreciate the utility of authority in maintaining order in society and to enforce policies (at least the ones they agree with). All INFJ wants in return is to be shown the same respect, dignity and compassion they are willing to give elected officials and individuals occupying positions of power. If INFJ perceives an authority to be morally corrupt, then all that will go out the window.

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