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How Each Myers-Briggs Type Uses Religion

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Religion has existed for ages and continues to be a dominant force around the world for both good and evil. Religion can serve many purposes and for many people it can mean different things. It can be a tool for control or a guideline for how to live righteously. Here’s a look at how each Myers-Briggs personality is likely to utilize religion.


For INFJs, religion can provide a sense of purpose and belonging – something that INFJs desire deeply. Religion operates on faith rather than facts, but INFJs have the capacity to take stock in things for which they cannot prove empirically. INFJs are drawn to metaphysics and symbolism as part of their search for meaning in their lives. Furthermore, INFJs appreciate the sense of fellowship and unity that religion fosters and also the moral guidelines it provides which can give them some direction when they lose their way in life. INFJs would like to believe that the universe is not just a cold, heartless void and that somewhere behind it all, there is a loving creator who actually cares about them.

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