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What Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Smug About

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It is normal to have a little in pride in what we are good at. Each Myers-Briggs type is likely to be a bit arrogant or self-assured about the areas in which they are proficient. Here is a look at what each MBTI personality may be smug about.


A sense of moral superiority and a notion that they know what is best may be something for which the INFJ is guilty of. While they are indeed like a spiritual guru, well-equipped for moral arbitration taking into account important black-and-white facts and logic in tandem with compassion and empathy, INFJs may come to think too highly of their opinions and take for granted their standard of moral authority. They may sometimes display arrogance in the form of a messiah complex or through unsolicited homilies that may strike others as being sanctimonious regardless of how well-intentioned they may be. INFJs may sometimes feel their ability to read people is on par with professional psychics and crystal balls.

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