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What Each MBTI Personality Hates

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Everyone has a list of pet peeves that bug them. Here is a bucket of vexing things each Myers-Briggs type is likely to hate.

What INTP Hates:

  • Eating with other people. Rather eat alone in private peacefully.
  • Glib, stupid questions: So how’s life treating ya?
  • When other people ignorantly assume what’s good for them is also good for INTP.
  • When people make decisions based on group consensus rather than making up their own mind.
  • When a boss digs into the details of what they’re doing (micromanagement).
  • When people are more concerned with appearing good than being good.
  • When people make a fuss and complain about trivial things.
  • When people shame other people for doing harmless things.
  • Rules that are unnecessary, senseless or pointless.
  • Working in teams.

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