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Are Libra and Pisces a Good Match?

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libra and pisces dating
libra and pisces dating

libra and pisces dating

Libra and Pisces pros and cons

On the question of astrology-based romantic compatibility, air and water signs are elementally uncomplimentary. Generally, this makes Libra and Pisces not compatible. However, that is not necessarily the case, since astrological synastry is predicated on how well the planets in each person’s birth chart aspect with each other.

But all that aside, do Libra and Pisces get along? Whoever says that Libra and Pisces don’t get along is discounting the potential affinity people of these two signs may share. The rapper Eminem for example, is a Libra who has repeatedly collaborated with singers Rihanna and Skylar Grey, both of whom happen to be Pisces females. Is it coincidence or sun sign chemistry?

Here is a look at the Libra and Pisces relationship compatibility and why Libra and Pisces as best friends and lovers is a real possibility. Continue reading

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