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20 MBTI tumblr Posts That Are Pretty Spot On

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]umblr is a breeding ground of frivolous mbti lists ranging from hilarious to remarkably poignant. Here is a collection of some of the more notable mbti posts found on tumblr.

When the types say “I love you”

by coyotecalled

ENTP: When they realize you’re a fragile being with an expiration date

ENFP: Literally never stop saying it

INTJ: When they propose.

INTP: At the strangest moments possible

INFP: Whenever they feel the feeling, with great abandon

INFJ: Every day, in impossibly quirky, adorkable ways

ESTP: When they’re overcome with loyalty. Or want sex.

ISTP: often, but never with words

ISFP: Every day, in a ridiculous voice, to their dog or cat

ISFJ: Consistently, at the usual times, throughout the day

ISTJ: Right before reminding you of your commitments

ESTJ: After they’ve slain your enemies and laid them at your feet

ENTJ: When a little tipsy or when they’re feeling the odd moment of affection

ESFP: When they’re claiming you loudly on social media

ESFJ: When they’re proud of you, or in a lunch note they packed for you

ENFJ: At least once a day, with great sincerity and possibly happy tears

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