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20 MBTI tumblr Posts That Are Pretty Spot On

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]umblr is a breeding ground of frivolous mbti lists ranging from hilarious to remarkably poignant. Here is a collection of some of the more notable mbti posts found on tumblr.

The MBTI Types as Dog Breeds

ISFP–Beaglesweet, even-tempered, amiable and friendly, excitable, playful, and determined.

INFP–Pugattentive, stubborn, playful, clever, sweet and docile, quiet but also sociable, and friendly.

ESFP–French Bulldog: lively, outgoing, bright, alert, affectionate, sociable, and playful.

ENFP–Jack Russell Terrieradventurous, intelligent, full of energy, athletic, stubborn, vocal, and fearless.

INTJ–Doberman Pinscherfocused, alert, attentive, clever, protective, confident, and fearless.

INFJ–Borzoihighly sensitive, “old, gentle souls,” independent but strong bond with a loved one, intelligent, elegant, aloof, and quiet.

ENTJ–Poodle: clever, instinctual, distinctive, amiable, active, faithful, and alert.

ENFJ–Saint Bernardwatchful, caring, lively, devoted, loyal, friendly, and always very gentle.

ISTP–Chihuahuaalert, stubborn, lively, devoted, vocal, strong-willed, and courageous.

INTP–Irish Wolfhoundreserved, friendly, somewhat aloof to strangers, giant lap-dog inside, watchful, intelligent, and dignified.

ESTP–Australian Cattledogenergetic, outgoing, protective, outdoorsy, and brave.

ENTP–Afghan Hounddignified, independent and aloof, playful and clownish, and clever.

ISTJ–German Shepherdconfident, watchful and alert, courageous, obedient, protective, alert, and intelligent.

ISFJ–Basset Houndsweet tempered, loyal and devoted, friendly and gentle, tenacious, quiet, and affectionate. 

ESTJ–Border Collie: tenacious, determined, clever, lively, outgoing, responsive, energetic, and alert.

ESFJ–Labrador Retrieverkind, trusting, outgoing, gentle, even-tempered, agile, and caring.


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