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20 MBTI tumblr Posts That Are Pretty Spot On

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]umblr is a breeding ground of frivolous mbti lists ranging from hilarious to remarkably poignant. Here is a collection of some of the more notable mbti posts found on tumblr.

Random Things I Like About The Types

INFPs are so hilarious. They always come up with the wittiest comments and have the most perfect comedic timing. I also love how you all look so cuddly! INFPs get a bad rep, but I personally find them very fun & relaxing to be around.

ISTPs and INTJs often have a snarky, sarcastic demeanor and tone of voice that I just adore so much. They also tend to make a lot of funny faces & hand gestures when they talk and it’s just so cute to me idk. They’re super fun to banter with.

ENTPs are genuinely nice assholes. Like, they’re quick to debate you on stuff and make sarcastic comments, but they’re sweethearts deep down and you can just tell.

the other ENFPs I’ve met have such a comfy, accepting vibe. They sort of “get” where people are coming from most of the time, and often aren’t quick to judge. INFPs are like this too. Both types are very easy to be yourself around.

ESFPs and ISFPs are always surrounded by beauty. whether it’s their look, their room, the art they make, etc….. there’s always something in the XSFPs life that they add beauty to, and I find it so admirable. they’re literally walking art.

ISFJs are so genuinely caring and supportive that you can just sense it….. you have a vibe that they’re out to protect you no matter what. They’re the typical pure “mom friend” type and it’s great. ISFJs remind me of sweet, cuddly lil bunnies.

ESFJs have so much energy. For some it may be hard to handle, but I personally admire that in them. They always find a way to bring a positive light to things, and they genuinely enjoy making people smile. They’re such sweet, selfless people.

INFJs & INTPs are SO FUN to have conversations with. Idk what it is about these types. The moment they start talking, I just don’t want them to stop. Everything they say is endlessly interesting. Literally one of y’all could start talking to me about lamps for hours and I’d find myself super invested in every word.

ESTJs & ENTJs are filled with so much willpower and determination that it rubs off on the people around them. They make being successful look easy; but in the way that makes you look at them and think “Wow, if they can do all of that, then maybe I can, too.” They inspire the people around them just by being themselves. Although they’re stereotyped as mean and bossy, every EXTJ I’ve met has really positive vibes.

ENFJs are so smart. They’re extremely emotionally intelligent, and intelligent about the things around them in general. If I could see any type starting a revolution, it would be the ENFJs. They aren’t afraid to speak their opinions and stand up for the people around them. They’re so courageous when it comes to the things they preach, and I can see why their type is often stereotyped as “the hero”.

ESTPs are GREAT storytellers. They always go out and do the wildest shit and will be very excited to tell you all about it after. I get sucked in so easily when an ESTP starts telling stories. Honestly, you guys’ lives could be a reality TV show.

ISTJs are so mellow. They are stereotyped to be stoic and uptight, but they’re actually really laid-back. They often have very soft, calm voices. I love listening to them talk tbh.


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