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20 MBTI tumblr Posts That Are Pretty Spot On

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]umblr is a breeding ground of frivolous mbti lists ranging from hilarious to remarkably poignant. Here is a collection of some of the more notable mbti posts found on tumblr.

Truths of the Types: What They’re Doing

INFJ – is probably on the verge of breaking down because of the realization they can’t marry their favorite fictional character and they have to pick someone from this planet

INTP – is probably wearing earphones right now to avoid face to face human interaction while they lurk the world wide web and expand their collection of saved memes

ISFJ – is probably pampering themself with beauty/health products because they can’t fix themself on the inside

ISTJ – is probably trying to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed which frustrates everyone around them

INTJ – is probably staring into space thinking about their purpose in life & thinking of ways to extend their already-long list of achievements in their resume

INFP – is probably playing videogames right now and doing much more in their character’s life, more than their own

ISTP – is probably trying their best not to be rude but still ends up hurting people by their sharp words and still doesn’t realize it

ISFP – is probably smiling and looking sensitive and innocent but is actually patiently waiting for their best friend and girlfriend to break up so they could finally make their move on them

ESFP – is probably doing something they shouldn’t be doing but does it eitherway without giving effort of hiding it and is surprised about getting caught

ESFJ – is probably writing an article to help others but is actually just writing it so they can share another one of their life stories–which no one actually cares about

ESTJ – is probably smiling on the outside acting like they like you but deep down they know they’re better than you–and if you actually are, they’ll watch your every move

ESTP – is probably thinking of ways to surprise their current romantic partner by making them sad first, just to see their reaction and be able to make them feel better later on–but fails horribly to the point that their partner almost breaks up with them

ENTP – is probably on snapchat taking random snaps of themselves with their dog to show that they’re having more fun than they actually are

ENFP – is probably being clingy with numerous people at the same time through chat, making each of them feel special but they don’t know it’s not only them

ENFJ – is probably posting inspirational quotes online & showing people motivational tips but doesn’t actually follow their own advice

ENTJ – is probably reposting articles online about why a person who is strong and independent is hard to love but are actually the best people to love


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