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20 MBTI tumblr Posts That Are Pretty Spot On

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]umblr is a breeding ground of frivolous mbti lists ranging from hilarious to remarkably poignant. Here is a collection of some of the more notable mbti posts found on tumblr.

MBTI Types of Malevolent People

INTJ – Eric Harris
INTP – Edmund Kemper
ENTJ – Dean Corll
ENTP – Ted Bundy

INFJ – Gary Ridgway
INFP – Dylan Klebold
ENFJ – Luka Magnotta
ENFP – Charles Manson

ISTJ – Andrei Chikatilo
ISFJ – Ed Gein
ESTJ – John Wayne Gacy
ESFJ – Dennis Nilsen

ISTP – Dylann Roof
ISFP – Jeffrey Dahmer
ESTP – Richard Ramirez
ESFP – Aileen Wuornos


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