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20 MBTI tumblr Posts That Are Pretty Spot On

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]umblr is a breeding ground of frivolous mbti lists ranging from hilarious to remarkably poignant. Here is a collection of some of the more notable mbti posts found on tumblr.

“The Types Based on my Experience” – an ENFP

– Has too many extra curricular
– Low- key brags about achievements
– Will and won’t hesitate to roast someone.
– They type of person to read during lunch
– Books.
– Just a little bit clingy, but in the best way
– “Let me sleep— I only slept an hour last night.”

– Talks to them-self sometimes
– Likes to make random google searchers
– Master at BSing
– Why do they know so much about obscure concepts and theories?
– My random facts buddy
– “Have you heard of cerebropathy?”

– Tries to control me (for the greater good I guess)
– Great at logic puzzles
– If there was an apocalypse— I would want to paired with them.
– Seems like they got their life together
– A bit of a neat freak
– Will not deal with your shit, but will still help you?
– “I need more coffee to deal with all of you people.”

– Is super intimidating at first glance
– Secretly a softy
– will not hesitate to start a debate
– loves politics
– If you tell them a fact they ask where you got it
– Likes to read Edgar Allen Poe and romance novels
– “ Are you sure? Where did you read that?”

– Nice friend
– Poker face
– Everyone thinks that they have chill
– has no chill
– Loves cats and babies
– Great listener
– Has too many feelings and bottles them up

– Easily flustered
– Will hate you and you will never know
– Once you know them— they’ll argue with you about their opinions.
– Anime nerd
– Wears over-sized glasses
– Gestures a lot when talking
– Roasts me about everything
– Has an unhealthy obsession for cats
– Self deprecation 101
– “ I don’t know what your tal- *gestures and hits someone with arm*- OMG!!! I am so sorry.”

– Identity crisis all day everyday
– Likes to do power poses
– Will do random acts of kindness
– Knits
– Soft
– Really imaginative
– Will do stupid stuff to make a sad friend happy again
– You can’t not like them
– “A toast to spongebob and Bob Marley.”

ENFP (not me— another ENFP)
– Loves to art
– Procrastinates kinda(?). It just takes them a long time to do their work
– Is very smol
– Low-key manipulative
– Great at fake accents
– Has the voice of an angel
– Awesome dancer
– “ Oh look, it’s a birb. *makes chicken noises*”

– Is in all my advanced classes
– Gets annoyed with me really easily
– Likes to bake
– Has ten sources to back up one fact
– Will binge watch Crash Course
– Secretly loves bird memes
– Determined
– “Baking is a science. It isn’t just measuring and mixing— it’s watching the chemical re- *rants about for ten minutes*”

– Literally a cinnamon roll
– Are too caring
– Seriously they are going to get hurt one day
– Mom friend
– When they get mad everyone freaks out
– Will fight you if you hurt their loved one
– “Are you okay? Do you need a band- aid? I have a first aid kit in my backpack.”

– Law and order
– Is practically the teacher
– Strong moral base
– Does not tolerate lying
– Can see your soul
– Loves dark chocolate and hot chocolate
– Eats the same thing for lunch everyday
– Will lay down the law
– “I just told them to kindly leave me alone because their fake personalities were annoying me.”

– Will appear out of no-where
– Social Butterfly
– EVERYONE knows them
– Loves to sing, but is sadly tone deaf
– Can do really intricate pranks and succeed
– Teachers pet, but not nerdy in any way
– “Hi! My name’s ESTJ. What’s your weight— I mean, name?”

– Loves workshop
– Is great at video games
– Everyone thinks they listen to punk rock, but they actually listen to Country music
– Can be bossy
– Likes to wear flannel
– Is really chill
– “I had one job, to finish my homework. Did I do it? Nope.”

– Can’t art
– Can write like there is not tomorrow
– Can also play piano really well, but they never took lessons
– Have eyes filled with wonder
– Great at makeup
– Has good fashion sense
– Thinks shoes are a social construct.
– They have a bucket list written
– Has great stories
– “I once went to an upscale hotel and hijacked the penthouse level with my friends.”

– Loves to play pranks and do stupid stuff
– Is flexible af
– Laughs weirdly
– Has the best ideas
– Smart, but really lazy
– p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n
– “Move I’m gay.”

– Acts like they had five cups of coffee
– Really likes unicorns
– Is a theatre kid
– Wait for it…. they never stop quoting Hamilton
– Great at lying
– Really, really funny
– Loves everything smol
– Everyone loves them
– “Bill Nye the science guy– history has its eyeesss ON YOOOOUUUUUU.”


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