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20 MBTI tumblr Posts That Are Pretty Spot On

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]umblr is a breeding ground of frivolous mbti lists ranging from hilarious to remarkably poignant. Here is a collection of some of the more notable mbti posts found on tumblr.

How to tell an INTJ loves you:

  1. I saw this and thought of you.
  2. I did this so you don’t have to.
  3. No, it’s no problem. Anything to help you out.
  4. Makes eye contact often.

How to tell an INTJ likes/tolerates you:

  1. Acknowledgement of your existence.
  2. *Placating smile*
  3. Sure. Let’s get coffee sometime.
  4. Moderate eye contact.

How to tell an INTJ doesn’t like you:

  1. Silence.
  2. Vague and reluctant acknowledgement.
  3. Short and only necessary responses.
  4. Extremely minimal to no eye contact.

source: dutchfruitjar

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