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The First Impression Others Have of You Based on MBTI Type

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They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. First impressions can have a lasting and powerful influence in shaping our perception of others. If you make a terrible first impression, it can leave a stain that will long after impact how you are perceived no matter what you do afterwards. Here is a look at the type of first impression others may often have of you based on your MBTI personality type.


ISFJs give off a warm and friendly vibe with a touch of shyness and reserve. They treat most people like a good friend and seem like naturally caring and compassionate souls. ISFJs don’t come across as arrogant or self centered. On the contrary, they can seem anxious and attentive to other people. People tend to perceive them as generous, likeable and easy to get along with. They also seem trustworthy and many people may feel comfortable sharing personal things with them.


The first impression that ISTJs tend to make is that of being a serious and reserved individual. They can seem very mature for their age and communicate in a generally straightforward and forthright manner. ISTJs can seem more bashful when they are talking about themselves or anything that is personal for them. ISTJs will often come across as very smart and particular about what they like and don’t like. They can seem very interesting when they get to discuss one of their interests or areas of expertise.


ESFJs are bound to make a strong impression that is generally positive. People may immediately perceive them as someone who is very accommodating and seems to genuinely care about people. ESFJs can be very chipper and bubbly which for some people can seem annoying. Most people will appreciate and enjoy their warm and engaging presence and may regard the ESFJ as a great and wholesome type of person.


ESTJs upon first impression can seem very business-like and direct. They have a direct gaze and they don’t beat around the bush. ESTJs can come across as forceful, bossy and formidable. Like the ENTJ, they seem well put together and competent. They are likely to appear very professional and mature in their appearance as well which naturally engenders from others, the respect and esteem that ESTJs so desire.

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