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The First Impression Others Have of You Based on MBTI Type

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They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. First impressions can have a lasting and powerful influence in shaping our perception of others. If you make a terrible first impression, it can leave a stain that will long after impact how you are perceived no matter what you do afterwards. Here is a look at the type of first impression others may often have of you based on your MBTI personality type.


INTPs can often come across as know-it-alls. Many INTPs can appreciate the importance of making a good impression, but most will not bother to put up much of a charade to get into the good graces of another person. INTPs are often very nice and kind individuals but their shyness or apathy is often a barrier that prevents others from seeing it. Whether intentional or not, INTPs convey an apathetic attitude through their habits and behaviors. If INTPs are too quiet and isolated, people may often get the sense that the INTP thinks they’re better or smarter than everyone by virtue of how little they engage or participate with the rest of the group.


Upon first impression, INTJs can come across as someone who is intense and serious. They carry themselves with a certain stoic dignity that compels others to take them seriously. At the same time, they can come off as arrogant, blunt and overly confident in their assertions and opinions. People can often sense the aura of orderliness and calculation that goes on in the mind of an INTJ. Male INTJs may be instantly spotted for their rugged yet well groomed appearance and manicured facial hair. Females are likely recognized by their simple, economical style and angular haircuts.


Upon first impression, the ENTP is likely to come across as a bit weird or unusual in an interesting way. They will often appear as amusing and witty conversationalists or a slick talking provocateurs. ENTPs give off a bohemian and irreverent vibe that lets people know that they are open minded and fun to talk to. Many people will get the sense that ENTP has the capacity for mischief and cheeky antics. They exude a light and airy disposition and someone who is full of weird knowledge and insights.


ENTJs have a strong presence and their strong personality will come through from the very first encounter with them. They are assertive and forward with others and don’t seem to be worried about tiptoeing around people’s sensitivities. They can sometimes come across as arrogant jerks when they unwittingly (or intentionally) step on the feelings of others with their unapologetic frankness. ENTJs have a natural “boss” vibe and others can sense right away that they are not pushovers or people who can be taken advantage of easily.

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